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Do you pick up and deliver furniture?
Yes, we will pick up and deliver your furniture, charges may apply. 

I have a small job. One of my dining room chairs is broken. Can you repair it?
Yes, we are happy to do the small jobs. You can drop it off to us in the workshop or if you are prepared to wait until we are in the area we will pick up & deliver back to you. Please phone beforehand if you wish to drop off to the workshop.

I have a white mark on my dining room table. Is there a product I can put on it to remove it?
Generally speaking a white mark is caused by heat damage and the table will need to be stripped back, re stained and repolished. Once we have seen the damage we can confirm what is required.

I am claiming for damage to my furniture. Do you do insurance quotes?
Yes, we are more than happy to provide insurance quotes. If you supply us with a contact name and claim number we will liase directly with the insurance company or assessor.

Do you recommend any products for keeping my furniture looking its best?
A well finished lacquered or painted piece doesn't require a lot of care, other than a weekly wipe down with a damp cloth.
To nourish the wood, a monthly polish with a good quality non silicone based furniture wax is recommended. We use a Mirotone product called Spray Glow which is ideal, easy to use and gives a lovely soft sheen.

My table has a veneer finish. Can this be restored?
Yes, as long as the veneer is still intact, but more care has to be taken with restoration.

I have several pieces of furniture and want to tie them all together with a common colour, is this possible?
Depending on the woods involved will depend on the uniformity of colour achievable. We can discuss this with you and let you know what results are likely.

How long will I be without my furniture?
Depending on the piece we are working on, usually a maximum of two weeks. We don't pick up until we are ready to start work, so you are not without your furniture for any longer than you need to be.


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